5 Games Like Uno You Can Play in Online Casinos

UNO is one of the most popular card games today. In America alone, 80% of households that hold
gaming sessions have tried UNO at least once. If you are a big fan of UNO, here’s some heartbreaking
news. Most of the reputable online casinos operating today don’t support this game. That means your
chances of playing it on a trustworthy gambling site are extremely low.
But don’t fret. There are numerous games like UNO that you can consider. Besides, most of these
platforms have juicy bonus funds and spins to be claimed, and you can use these freebies to increase
your playtime and take your gaming experience to the next level.
Such games include:

Crazy Eights

Crazy Eights is a simple card game. To win, you must have a card that matches the one displayed on your
phone or computer screen. If you play your cards correctly and dispose of your hand before other
players, you win and go home with the payout. You can play this game against other human punters in a
live gaming session. Some platforms also allow gamers like you to play against the house.


Rummy is another simple gambling game that anybody can play, from novices to gaming gurus. It requires players to match cards of the same suit, sequence, or rank. After a Rummy game, players calculate their total and subtract the number of cards they’re left with. Whoever ends up with the highest points bags the pot. Thanks to advanced technology, you can now play Rummy featuring a live dealer from the comfort of your couch.

Red Dog

Despite the name, Red Dog is an entertaining card game similar to UNO. As a Red Dog player, you must wager on whether the rank of a card dealt after the initial two will fall in between. Your payout in this game depends on all three cards. You can play Red Doger against other card game enthusiasts in a live casino setting or battle it against the house.

Go Fish

Go Fish is an entertaining game similar to UNO and Authors. Many popular online casinos today offer Go Fish with a live dealer, which allows you to interact with other real people instead of a computer program. To win, you have to collect the highest number of four-of-a-kinds. 

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens may sound like a blood-curdling game, but it’s not. The game is pretty sweet and easy
to master. And contrary to what the name might suggest, it doesn’t have any literal exploding kittens.
Playing Exploding Kittens requires you and your opponents to draw cards in turns. Whoever gets the
Exploding Kitten has to leave the game. That continues until only one player remains—the winner.


If you are a fan of UNO, visit a reputable online casino today. You won’t find the original UNO game but
will get the uncapped opportunity to play many similar games, ranging from Cry Eights and Rummy to
Exploding Kittens and Red Dog. But ensure you interact with trustworthy platforms exclusively for the
best experiences.
Good luck!